The 6th Birthday Blake Dress

Ava’s birthday has come and gone and now I have a six-year-old. As I type this I still cannot believe I’m the mother of a 6-year-old! It’s absolutely crazy how fast time flies by. It really is true what “they” say about the days being long and the years being short. I wouldn’t trade one minute of it for the world.I wanted to share a little bit about the outfit I made Ava for her birthday this year, a polka dot Blake dress and a blush faux fur vest. I wanted her birthday outfit to be  comfy, yet fancy (of course) and I’ve being really into muted tones lately so I thought it’d be really fun to see how I could incorporate that into her look.To start off, I knew I wanted to use the Blake dress pattern. For the fabric, I opted for a rose quartz colored organic french terry. I loved the feel and drape but alone it just didn’t seem wow enough for what I was going for. So, I grabbed some black polka dot mesh from Blackbird Fabrics and decided to use it as an overlay on top of the french terry. I LOVE the way the two pair together. The mesh unexpectedly gave the dress a really nice dimension. I cut the pattern in a straight size 5 and I didn’t stray at all from the pattern instructions. As expected, Mingo and Grace never disappoints.I didn’t originally make this vest to go with Ava’s birthday dress. In fact I made it a few months ago as seen in this instagram post

and she didn’t wear it on her actual birthday. Her party was at Peter Piper Pizza this year and an over sized fur vest just might have looked a touch overdressed for the occasion. Ha! But, when I was getting her outfit ready for our little birthday outfit photo session, I couldn’t help but try it on her to see how it would look. Aaaand I loved it! I designed this vest myself so I was pretty excited with how cute it looked on with her dress.All in all Ava’s birthday was a raging success. She had an amazing time, and looked super cute doing so. I already love the age six thus far and I can’t wait to witness all the growing and accomplishing she’ll do this year! I’m perpetually proud of this babe.Xx Meagan and Ava







Velvet Mini Briar Sweater and Marble Mini Virginia Leggings

As promised I’m back to share the next two garments I made using Meg Nielsen’s collection of children’s sewing patterns. It’s no secret that I love mixing prints and textures. So for this look, I opted for a black stretch velvet for the Mini Briar and a marble print neoprene for the Mini Virginia leggings.

I love the luxurious look and feel of velvet. And while it is fun to pack on all the details, I thought it’d be nice to just let the texture and sleek black color of the fabric have all the glory. So I decided to go with version 4, a long sleeve high low sweater. This also opened up the opportunity for me to do something cool on the bottom.

I’m a big fan of all things marble, so when I saw this black marble print neoprene from Mood Fabrics I knew I needed it in my life. I’ve sewn with Mood’s printed neoprene before, it’s good stuff. I made a Twisted Tank a few months back with the crackle print and I love the way it came out.

It's Friday I'm in love 🍬✨

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As for the Mini Virginia Leggings pattern, it was a delight. I really enjoyed making them. Since Ava is on the tall, skinny side I cut a size 5 width with a size 6 length. This worked out great because I have a pet peeve for loose fitting leggings. That’s always my dilema when buying ready to wear pants for her, they’re either too baggy and perfect length or too short and perfect fit. Another excellent excuse to make clothes for your kids, custom fit!

All in all I really recommend these patterns. The cuts are great fitting, the directions are thorough , and it really doesn’t take very long to make either of these. For more info on Meg’s line of children’s Patterns, take a look at my post on the lengthened Mini Briar. I have one more outfit up my sleeve using Megan Nielsen’s patterns, so be on the look out for that coming soon. Until next time!

xx Meagan and Ava


Megan Nielsen Mini Briar Dress

Happy New Year! May your 2016 be filled with love, happiness, and prosperity! I’m so excited to show you guys my newest make.Megan Nielsen Mini Briar Dress

I have a weakness for simple knit tee dresses. I love that for one, they’re comfortable for Ava. She can easily put them on and take them off herself. Because getting a tired cranky 5-year-old dressed in the morning isn’t always the easiest task, amiright?! Two, they’re usually pretty easy to construct. And three, the simple silhouette allows the versatility of using either large statement prints or simple solid fabrics. So I’m always looking out for new or fun ways to make them. One day I received an email from the amazing Megan Nielsen of asking if I would like to review her new line of patterns for kids ages 2-12. I was ecstatic!

Megan Nielsen has a wide variety of women’s sewing patterns to choose from. Her newest venture into the children’s pattern market is so exciting because she does women’s wear so well. There are three patterns in the collection, the Mini Tania Culottes, the Mini Briar Sweater and Tee, and the Mini Virginia Leggings. I’m such a sucker for mommy and me outfits, so it’s great that these are mini versions of her women’s patterns.


If you’ve had the pleasure of making any of the looks in Meg’s newest collection you’ll know that there aren’t any dresses in it. I just really wanted to see what the Mini Briar would look like as a dress. The pattern is very well designed. The fit was perfect and the instructions were really clear. The high low hem was especially appealing to me! There are actually 4 views to choose from, short sleeve crop, long sleeve crop, short sleeve tee, and long sleeve tee. All I did to achieve the lengthened look was to add around 7″ of length to the middle of the front and back pattern pieces of the long sleeve tee view. Super simple! Now you can make 5 different garments with just one pattern.


I promise you wont be disappointed in any of the patterns in this collection. I highly recommend! Stay tuned to see my versions of the Mini Tania Culottes and Mini Virginia leggings which i’ll be sharing soon. Until then, happy creating!

xx Meagan and Ava

Twisted Tuesdays

Today I’m sharing a look I made for the Twisted Tuesday’s Blog Tour! I was so excited when Laura of Titchy Threads asked me if I wanted to join in on the fun. I’m a big fan of her work, she’s a very talented pattern maker so you can imagine my excitement! For the tour, I had the option of sewing up a Twisted Tank, the Twisted Trousers, or both. Of coarse I chose both! The amazing thing about these patterns is that they don’t have your usual straight side seam, hence the name Twisted. On the Twisted Tank, there are NO side seams. I was pretty excited to figure out how this was all going to come together.Genius enough, the seams are cut diagonal across the front and the back. It’s really cool. If that’s not your thing though, there’s also an option for a regular straight cut side seam. There is so much you can do with this pattern. Color blocking, print mixing, even fabric mixing.I ended up going with an all black jersey fabric, and adding some fringe to the front seam. Sounds easy enough right? Apparently not! Not sure where my brain was while I was cutting the fringe. I for some reason thought it’d be a good idea to cut the fringe diagonally, basically cross grain. This is not the best idea because the fringe ended up spiraling, like a unicorn horn. Sometimes you’ve got to roll with the punches, so I went with it. I think it actually gives it a fun texture! I left the fringe pretty long. I love the way it looks hanging over the pants. When I was trying it on Ava to make sure it fit, she had some denim shorts on and I LOVE the way it looks with them! The fit of the tank is spot on. I made no changes size wise and sewed up a size 5. I see many more of these in our future.Since the tank top was all black, I knew I wanted something bold to go with it. The Twisted Trousers are impeccably designed. The outer side seam twists towards the front, and the inner seam twists towards the back, so fun right?!The pattern suggests a bottom weight fabric. I just wasn’t sold on any of my heavy to mid weight fabric choices. Then I remembered that I had some amazing viscose twill from Blackbird Fabrics. It’s very light weight and drapey so it was gonna be a risk.The trousers feature a ton of details and can pretty much be jeans. Since I was using such a lightweight fabric, I left the back pockets off so they wouldn’t weigh the backside down. I also really wanted to show off the twisted seams, so I added a black mini pom pom trim to the side seams and pocket seams. I used a black ribbed knit for the waistband. That detail might be Ava’s favorite part, it makes the pants super comfy!Because Ava’s pretty tall for her age, I cut a size 6. I used the size 5 elastic length and it ended up fitting perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed making these pants and love the way they look with the lightweight fabric. The Twisted Tank and Twisted Trousers patterns are both amazing and extremely versatile! Just think of all the different ways you can use them. I highly recommend them both.Thank you so much Laura for inviting me to participate in the tour, I had so much fun. Don’t forget to check out all the other stops!

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